Jaguar retiring the I-Pace in 2025

Jaguar I-Pace

British automaker Jaguar has decided to retire the popular I-Pace brand by 2025, as reported by Autocar. The move is a complete reversal of the plans of the former CEO, who wanted to improve the I-Pace.

Jaguar plans to release all-new electric cars, and the I-Pace will not be one. While the release date of the incoming EVs has not been fixed yet, with suggestions of the end of 2024, the I-Pace is getting the boot in 2025.

Jaguar CEO Adrian Mardell said regarding the timing of the new models and the I-Pace demise, “We don’t want the product to be out of the market for too long, particularly the electrified one [I-Pace]. Now we’re waiting for the confidence in JEA. Right now, people are telling me it’s going to be in the first half of 2025. That’s just under two years away. I’d be more confident in that response when we’re nine to 12 months away.

“So we’ve got time – we’ve got nine to 12 months – to work through these decisions.”

JEA is Jaguar’s new architecture for its next-generation EVs.

Mardell revealed the I-Pace is still on the European market to help the company meet its emissions target. However, he admitted the I-Pace’s role in helping Jaguar find its footing in EV development.

Jaguar started delivering the I-Pace in June 2018 in Europe. There is a fresh class action lawsuit on the EV’s battery packs in California.

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