GM to launch an electric truck to take on Cybertruck and electric F-150

General Motors (GM) revealed last week in the most unlikely way that they are soon going to be throwing their hats into the electric pickup truck ring.

The information didn’t come in the usual way for automakers, with a flashy vehicle launch party. Instead GM revealed the upcoming electric truck in their 2019 General Motors Sustainability Report.

According to the report, the automaker will develop a new “BET Truck”, their first electric full-size pickup, which they target with a 643km+ (400 mile+) range.

Chevy Sustainability Report

The bullet point you see above is all the information that was revealed in the report. There was no further information on body style (will it be an electric Silverado, their best-selling truck?), or when it will be released.

GM currently has plans to release up to 20 new electric vehicles by 2023, an ambitious plan backed by their new Ultium battery technology.

The company also recently announced they are working on a 1-million mile battery, on which they claim to be “almost there”.

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