Electric Vehicle sales in Europe increase 29% in 2022

Tesla Model 3 UK
Image via Parkers.co.uk

According to the European Automobile Manufacturer’s Association (ACEA), electric vehicle (EV) sales in Europe grew 29 per cent in year over year in 2022. The data showed nearly 1.6 million units sold over the year, giving EVs a 13.9 per cent market share of new-car sales on the continent.

The ACEA data covers the European Union, European Free Trade Association nations and the United Kingdom.

Germany led the way by over 200,000 vehicles in terms of overall sales.

  1. Germany: 471,394 vehicles
  2. France: 267,203 vehicles
  3. United Kingdom: 203,122 vehicles

On the plug-in hybrid and hybrid front, Germany also led in both categories. While the United Kingdom came in second, and Italy rounded out the top three.

While in terms of the percentage of overall car sales that were electric, Sweden dominated with 79.3 per cent. In contrast, Slovakia was the lowest with 1.8 per cent.

Overall internal combustion engine sales did take a significant hit in 2022. Combined, the two ICE vehicle categories saw 51.2 per cent of all new vehicle sales. With electric, plug-in electric, hybrid, and hydrogen-fueled vehicles making up the other 48.8 per cent.

It will be interesting to track how this changes, with a host of new electric and plug-in electric hitting the European continent in 2023. However, ACEA does not do forecasting, so we will have to wait a while to see the numbers roll in.

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