A group of EV charging companies want to slow down any addition of NACS to Texas law

A group of EV charger companies are voicing their opposition to a new rule proposed by the State of Texas. The new rule would see charging companies have to include both NACS and CCS technology to be eligible for a Texas program to electrify highways. The program is funded using federal money.

Per Reuters, in a letter to the Texas Transportation Commission, the group notes that the mandate is premature and their companies need more time to re-engineer and test NACS connectors before rolling them out on their proprietary platforms.

Other concerns raised in the letter include whether having two standards in the market would raise the cost to drivers and vendors. In addition, the group noted a need to ensure a robust supply chain of NACS cables, connectors and parts for third-party charging companies.

The group includes the following companies:

  • ChargePoint
  • ABB
  • Americans for Affordable, Clean Energy
  • FreeWire
  • EVBox
  • Flo

The source that talked with Reuters has also confirmed that the group will be contacting the federal government on the issue.

No one from the group or the Texas Transportation Commission commented on the letter or any current discussions they might be having. Tesla also did not provide a comment on the letter.

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