2024 Toyota bZ4X Arrives With Enhanced Charging Capabilities

Toyota has launched the 2024 iteration of its all-electric bZ4X SUV, as the Japanese automaker looks to improve on what was a less than stellar debut of the electric SUV in 2022, which included a notable recall for the wheels falling off.

The 2024 bZ4X, which is expected to hit dealerships this month, comes in both front-wheel drive (FWD) and all-wheel drive (AWD) options. The FWD version boasts 201 horsepower, achieving 0-60 mph in 7.1 seconds, while the AWD model ramps up to 214 horsepower and shaves the 0-60 mph time down to 6.5 seconds. Range-wise, the LE/XLE grade offers up to 406km/252 miles for the FWD and 367km/236 miles for the AWD, whereas the Limited grade in the US provides the lowest range of the lineup at 222 miles.

Canadian pricing ranges from $53,025 to $65,615, meaning all three trims qualify for the $5,000 federal rebate. In the US pricing starts at $43,070, up to $49,260 for the highest trim.

Model (Canada)RangePrice (CAD)
2024 Toyota bZ4X LE FWD406km$53,025
2024 Toyota bZ4X XLE AWD367km$58,025
2024 Toyota bZ4X XLE Tech Package367km$65,615
Model (USA)RangePrice (USD)
2024 Toyota bZ4X XLE FWD252 miles$43,070
2024 Toyota bZ4X Limited FWD228 miles$47,180
2024 Toyota bZ4X XLE AWD236 miles$45,150
2024 Toyota bZ4X Limited AWD222 miles$49,260

A key focus in the new bZ4X is the improvement in charging and charging performance. The vehicle now includes dual-voltage charging cables as standard equipment for both trims, enhancing charging flexibility. Additionally, Toyota has revamped the SUV’s digital Multi-Information Display to show more detailed information about charging and range.

Toyota has also addressed previous challenges with cold-weather charging. Toyota says enhancements in the EVs thermal system, including a new water-to-water heat exchanger, facilitate faster DC charging in lower temperatures. This improvement is crucial, especially considering the earlier challenges the bZ4X faced in cold conditions.

Comfort upgrades have not been overlooked in the 2024 bZ4X. The XLE features an 8-way power adjustable driver’s seat and power rear liftgate, while the Limited adds Advanced Park technology for easier parking. As an added incentive, Toyota has partnered with EVgo to offer one year of complimentary charging at their stations in the US, accessible through the Toyota mobile app.

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