You can add a referral code to an existing Tesla Model Y order

Earlier this week Tesla unexpectedly added the new Model Y to their Referral Program, giving you the chance to earn 1,500km (1,000 miles) of free Supercharging credits.

Typically referral codes have to be used before the purchase, and cannot be added after the fact. Since existing Model Y reservations have obviously already been placed, it was believed you can’t add the referral code to these orders.

The only way to do it was to cancel and the re-place your order. This has the unintended effect of pushing you to the back of the line for delivery. Not only that, you will have to then pay the new higher prices for the Model Y.

But Drive Tesla Canada has confirmed you can add referral codes to reservations of the Model Y, without having to cancel your order.

In the image below, shared with us by one of our readers Simon Wong, you can see the order for his Model Y, placed on March 10, 2020, has been added to the referee’s list of referrals.

Simon explains to get the code added, he called the Tesla Vancouver store and asked if he could get the referral credits for free Supercharging after the change to the referral program.

He gave the code over the phone, and the change was visible in the account within just 30 minutes.

We have heard reports that Tesla Delivery Advisors are telling customers that referral codes cannot be added. We’ve also heard that some are saying they can be added, but only for orders placed after Tesla announced the changes to the referral program.

As you can see, that’s clearly not the case. If you’ve encountered this, you can share this page with them to advise them it can be done.

Let us know in the comments below what you’ve experienced in trying to add a referral code to your Model Y order.

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