Two Tesla Model Y’s spotted cold weather testing in Minnesota

The road testing of the upcoming Model Y is in full swing, as we seem to get daily sightings of the crossover SUV. Until a recent sighting of a Model Y driving through Donner Pass in California , the Model Y hadn’t been seen driving in snow and ice.

Now two more Model Y’s have been spotted doing some cold weather testing in Minnesota. And as a bonus, they were spotted at the local Supercharger with a Model 3 and Model X parked in between them, making for an excellent size comparison (and photo).

Model Y cold weather testing

The Model X appears to be slightly taller than the Model Y,  but not by much. The Model X also appears to have a wider stance, with the Model Y looking much more like the Model 3, as it is built on the same general platform as the popular sedan.

Tesla also picked a good weekend to test in Minnesota, as they just experienced a huge snowstorm with 40mph (64km/h) winds in about 0°F (-18°C) temperatures over the weekend. This should give them good data on how the range was impacted by cold temperatures and strong winds, both of which are enemies of EV batteries.

Photos via: Minnesota Tesla Club

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