Tesla Model X sinks to the bottom of the ocean at marina in Spain

Elon Musk has said Teslas can float for a short period of time. We have certainly seen some evidence of that in areas ravaged by floods.

However this Tesla owner is probably hoping his Model X could permanently float after it ended up at the bottom of the ocean in Spain.

The unfortunate incident took place at the Club Nautico Santa Ponsa. Photos shared on Facebook show the aftermath with a large crane usually reserved for moving boats having to be brought in to lift the heavy Model X out of the water.

A short video posted with the photos purports to show the water bubbling and steaming after the Model X became submerged.

Details around what exactly happened are unclear.

Since it was posted to a group called “Boat Fails,” the leading theory is that the driver of the Model X had a mishap while loading or unloading their boat on the ramp.

This is possible, although in one of the photos above it does not appear to have a tow hitch.

Hopefully it was just that, an unfortunate accident and it wasn’t someone intentionally driving the Model X down the ramp and into the water (there is some damage to the front bumper).

If anyone has further information on this incident, let us know in the comments below.

Source: Facebook

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