Tesla drops price of FSD in Canada and US, and drops Model S/X Standard Range from lineup, cutting prices at the same time

Credit: Tesla

After a major announcement earlier tonight with the launch of the Model 3 refresh in China and Europe, Tesla has made some significant changes for the North American market. The automaker has lowered the price of Full Self-Driving and dropped the Model S/X Standard Range from its lineup, while lowering the price of the other variants. The price changes have some important implications in both Canada and the US.

FSD Price Drop

According to the Design Studio the price of FSD has dropped from $19,500 in Canada down to $16,000, a nearly 20% drop. A similar drop can be found in the US, where the price for the advanced driver-assist system is now $12,500, down from the $15,000 price previously.

It is unclear at this time why the price has dropped, as there has been no change to the listed features included with the software package. The FSD Transfer offer is also still available until September 30.

Model S/X Changes

Just over two weeks ago Tesla introduced a cheaper Standard Range version of their two flagship vehicles, the Model S and Model X. The new entry-level model was just like the Long Range variant, but was software locked to provide a lower driving range.

Just as quickly as it appeared it has now been removed from the Design Studio. But all is not lost as Tesla has also lowered the price of the both models to below what the Standard Range was offered at.

Here’s the price breakdown for Canada and the US. Previously the SR could be ordered C$108,990/US$78,490.


  • Model S
    • LR – $99,990
    • Plaid – $109,990
  • Model X
    • LR – 109,990
    • Plaid – $122,990


  • Model S
    • LR – $74,990
    • Plaid – $89,990
  • Model X
    • LR – $79,990
    • Plaid – $89,990

Notably the price of the Model S LR is now under the luxury tax threshold in Canada, and in the US the Model X LR now qualifies for the full $7,500 federal tax credit.

This is a developing story, check back for updates.

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