Tesla Model 3 owners finds a glitch in the Matrix after hitting the accelerator instead of the brake

The driver of a red Model 3 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina walked away without any injuries last week after plowing the front end of his car straight through a brick wall.

According to WMBF News, the driver admitted to authorities he accidentally hit the accelerator instead of the brake pedal, causing him to crash into the side of the Rose Arbor Fabrics store.

Fortunately the driver and no one inside the store were injured in the accident, but the Model 3 left a large hole in the building, which has since been covered with plywood.

Tesla Model 3 crash Myrtle Beach

Tesla vehicles have been under the spotlight for what some critics say is a problem with ‘unintended acceleration‘. Earlier this year the NHTSA said it would investigate a complaint, which later turned out to be from a Tesla short seller, about unintended acceleration.

Tesla responded by saying there is no such thing, and would be happy to provide all the data that is logged in each car, including the amount of pressure on each pedal at the time of the accident, to prove it.

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