Tesla Model 3 Highland Spotted in France [Update]

A Project Highland Tesla Model 3 has been spotted in France. It seems the testing of the updated car on the roads of Europe is ramping up, as previously, test mules were seen in Spain and Germany.

The mysterious Tesla Model 3, codenamed Highland, is hotly anticipated. The company continues to give absolutely no information about the car, but we can increasingly see test vehicles on public roads. Previously, the updated Model 3 has been seen in the US, China, and most recently Europe. In mid-August, the cars were spotted in Spain, and earlier this week, in Germany. This time, the test units have been spotted by several electric vehicle enthusiasts in France.

@EstherKokkelman reported that a Highland Model 3 was spotted on the A62 Bordeaux Toulouse, France on Tuesday. The car had a standard covered front and rear. However, this time it had an unusual camouflage paint job. Automakers often use these types of camouflaging to mislead onlookers about the details of a car’s exterior before it is officially released to the market. It could also hint that Tesla may have made some subtle design changes to the body and is now trying to cover it up.

@GreenDriveTesl1 also shared a video of the Model 3 Highland taken at a Supercharger. It was the same car that was previously seen on the A62 Bordeaux Toulouse, as the license plate matched. The video shows the driver of the Model 3 rushing to cover the car with a cover to prevent curious onlookers from taking more detailed photos and videos.

UPDATE: Here is another video of the same Model 3, showing the new 19″ wheels and a better look at the headlights, which are obscured with tape.

Another Model 3 Highland was also spotted in Toulouse. @Moreau12Moreau shared a photo taken by Anthony Cistac on X. This was another test sample. This time, the car was white and had a different license plate.

The increase in the number of test samples may hint at nothing more than the approaching official launch of the updated Model 3 on the market. According to unconfirmed information, Giga Shanghai, which produces for the European market, has already begun production of the new vehicles. According to the order configurator, when ordering now in Europe, Model 3 will not be delivered before October-November. Deliveries in China may take place as early as September. Information about deliveries in North America has not yet been received. However, the production line at the Fremont factory was shut down for upgrades. It is expected that the start of deliveries of the updated Model 3 in the US can take place at about the same time as in China.

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