Aftermarket Matte Carbon Fiber Performance Spoiler for Tesla Model 3 [REVIEW]

Many people like the look of the Performance Spoiler for the Model 3, but don’t like the OEM price tag that comes along with it. That’s where aftermarket options come into play, but many are too large, and don’t look much like the Tesla spoiler.

The WJM Matte Caron Fiber Spoiler available on Amazon does a great job of replicating the OEM look at a fraction of the price. The spoiler comes in two different options, matte or glossy. I went the matte look over glossy as I think it goes better with the Midnight Silver Metallic colour of my Model 3, but this one is also available in a glossy finish.

The spoiler itself is well packaged to avoid damage during transit, coming in a large box and surrounded with foam packaging. Once unboxed, you can get a closer look at the quality, and the real carbon fibre weaves looks like it came from the Tesla factory.

Installation is not too difficult or time consuming, but you have to make sure you leave the spoiler taped to the vehicle for at least 12 hours (24 is better), before removing it and driving, especially in wet conditions to ensure proper adhesion of the tape.

This aftermarket spoiler is a little fatter and doesn’t quite match the angle of the trunk like the OEM spoiler, but looks as close to the real thing that I’ve seen thus far.

Below is a short video of how to do the installation of your Tesla Model 3 Carbon Fiber Performance Spoiler. Since this aftermarket option doesn’t come with the centering hole like the OEM spoiler, the video below has a handy tip to ensure it is perfectly placed in the middle of your trunk lid.

This spoiler is available on Amazon for just $199.99 CDN (price may change depending on when you look at this), and is available with Prime 2-day shipping. That puts it much cheaper than the OEM spoiler which, if you can find online, goes for upwards of $600-700 CDN. Click here to check it out and purchase yours.

OEM vs aftermarket spoiler

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