Tesla Model 3/Y wheel covers from Tesloid – save 10% [Canada & US Deal]

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Credit: Tesloid

The easiest way to completely change the look of your Tesla Model 3 and Model Y is with aftermarket wheel covers. They’re also a great option to hide damage if you have scraped your wheels or stock wheel covers. Tesloid, a Tesla accessories shop based in Toronto, Ontario, has a variety of styles for you to choose from, and our readers can get them for 10% off.

No matter which style you choose, each set is priced at $289.99 in Canada or $229.99 in the US. But use the coupon code DTC10 at checkout and 10% will automatically be taken off, bringing the price down to $260.99 in Canada or $206.99 in the US. This includes free shipping, and each wheel cover set comes with a storage bag!

Style & Protection Combined

The Model 3/Y Wheel Covers from Tesloid are available in four options – Sport, Induction, Blade, and Viking. Say goodbye to the mundane and dull look of your original wheels and embrace an enhanced aesthetic that complements your car’s sleek design. With these wheel covers, you get more than just style. The greater radius offers superior rim protection, ensuring your wheels stay safe and sound, even on bumpy roads.

Precision-crafted to replace your OEM wheel covers, these covers are engineered using cutting-edge 3D scan technology. This guarantees a flawless fit that seamlessly integrates with your car’s overall appearance.

Complete Package

When you choose Tesloid’s Wheel Covers for your Model 3 or Model Y, you not only get stunning wheel enhancements but also a complete package. The Induction Wheel Covers for Model 3 come as a set of four, ensuring a consistent and uniform look across your car. Additionally, you receive a convenient storage bag, allowing you to safely store your original aero wheel covers when not in use.

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