Tesla taking Powerwall orders again, and customers don’t have to combine with solar

Tesla Powerwall

Tesla has begun letting buyers place orders for its popular home battery solution Powerwall and this time, they don’t have to combine them with a solar power system.

Powerwall helps people gain more energy security by storing energy in batteries. This helps to counter power outages and use more clean renewable energy. Tesla’s home power bank has become increasingly popular, which has led to a severe backlog of orders.

Tesla, however, restricted making orders two years ago by making buyers also order a solar rooftop system. This might have helped the company slow down the rate of orders for the Powerwall unit, but it has now removed the condition. Buyers can now order their Powerwalls without opting for the solar system, starting from $9,200 before taxes and incentives. Ordering three units means a significant discount as you only pay $25,200.

The Powerwall can be installed by Tesla when it is ordered directly from the company. Buyers, however, can order Powerwalls from third-party installers.

Unfortunately Canadian buyers still cannot order Powerwalls directly from Tesla, but you can still get them from authorized third-party sellers north of the border.

Powerwall owners in California have started smiling to the bank as they net hundreds of dollars from virtual power plants (VPP).

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